Your Workout Supplements Guide When You Begin

When we start discussions on workout supplement today, we begin and end with Creatine. A branched amino acid that is doing wonders. No doubt about those wonders being a supplement but some fact other supplements also help you. This is when you begin.

Decide on supplements and what you want to do

Most of these workout supplements we discuss here are for short term high intensity workouts that has long periods of interval to compensate and allow the body to build back up. Are you into any such sport or activity? Or are your preferences for long duration sports? Then it is better to search for your muscle strength through your diet. Decide. And then decide what is your objective? Are you a sportsperson? Do you want to build trimmed, shaped muscles or build endurance and stamina or reduce the patches around your body called fat? Decide again.

By general understanding carbohydrates and proteins are necessary to build a toned body. When you go for more demanding regimes you put in those extra complex amino chain proteins in supplements to gain short term energy. Creatine is on the borderline of such proteins, it is effective. However we would suggest to keep these aside and start with Whey protein. Start safe, the most trusted and tested protein supplement.


And the other supplements…..

Take whey protein shake within 30 minutes before starting your exercises. We suggest to keep creatine aside for the first 4 weeks. Let’s rely on the primary thing and if you are not happy with the results start with a 5 gm creatine for 30 days. Do not use it continuously, there is still no conclusive report on the effects for long duration use.

You will need energy supplements for the duration of training. Carbs are best for it and it is better if you choose a slow digesting carb supplement that will last till the time of your training and even after it, helping the body to gain some breaths.


Fish oil is another one. Omega-3 is very popular but it provides beyond Omega-3. A real recovery agent. The invisible tears in tendons, overstretched muscles, sore back; it touches all and makes you ready for the next day.

At many places you will find Caffeine is recommended. Here is a suggestion. If you are using Creatine do not mix any Caffeine with it. Mutually they nullify each other and Caffeine cancels the good work of Creatine. However individually Caffeine is fine as a stimulant, energy booster and prepares you for the training not only physically but mentally. You are welcome with it.

Remember what ever is discussed here is for the beginner. If you are just starting. Once you are through and know effect of these supplements on your body, whether they are benefiting you or not, whether there is any adverse effects of them on you; once all these are settled(it will take a month to understand that) you can go for the advanced supplements depending on your nature of training.

Happy physique.
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