Jetfuel®AQX™ with Micron RD

To Achieve A Truly Cut Physique

you need to “dry” out excess subcutaneous water. That’s why GAT researchers developed new once-daily Jetfuel®AQX™ with Micron RD. AQX is apowerful drug-free formula that is strong enough to support the advanced male or female user in search of their most cut physique ever.*



The new Jetfuel series has been specifically designed to give you more stacking options than ever before. Whether you want to get maximum “cuts” or enhance lean muscle, there’s a Jetfuel stack that can help you achieve it, faster.

AQX comprises a proprietary blend of ten natural botaniceutical actives, all propelled by the new Micron RD micronized rapid delivery system. Micronization supports faster, more even absorption.* It also allows each capsule of AQX to hold more actives than ever before.

Suggested Use:
When preparing to achieve peak muscle hardness and definition, take 6 capsules (1 serving) of AQX daily with 8-12 oz of cold water. AQX is a powerful formula. Do not take more than 1 serving daily, or for more than 7 consecutive days. WARNING: NEVER CONSUME MORE THAN 6 AQX CAPSULES PER DAY.

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