BSN HyperShred

Thermodynamic Metabolic Activator

BSN’S ever-growing product line just added a new standout – introducing HYPER SHRED™, BSN’s most advanced energy and fat burning aid ever! HYPER SHRED™ is a novel thermoregulator and metabolic stimulator, creating a fat-burning supplement that combines serious performance support with a cutting-edge approach to fat burning and metabolic support.

The key ingredients in this powerful formula are designed to primarily promote metabolism and clean, geranium-free energy stimulation, helping you power through a workout or simply supporting the fat burning process without the use of 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA). And HYPER SHRED™ is also designed to address focus, making it BSN’s most well-rounded, high-performance fat burning nutritional supplement.

In addition to the amazing fat burning support, HYPER SHRED™ is packed into an easy to swallow V-Cap. By packaging this one-ofa-kind formula into a vegetable based capsule, HYPER SHRED™ can be used by a broad range of consumers which can be limited when an animal based capsule is used.

HYPER SHRED™ – Get Your Shred On!™

– BSN’s Most advanced formula ever
– Geranium-Free Energy-NO DMAA
– Only 1 Capsule per serving
– Supprts Fat Burning
– Supports Focus

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