ADENOFLEX™ Hematogenic & Mass Enhancing PWD

Experience the Post-Training Pump!
Workouts during which you achieve great pumps are believed to produce greater increases in muscle size. It stands to reason, therefore, that if you keep your pumps going for hours after your workouts, you can enjoy even greater muscle size gains. Achieving this is what new ADENOFLEX™ is specifically formulated to accomplish.*

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What is a “Pump”?
Muscle tissue temporarily expands in volume, or becomes “pumped”, during intense exercise. This is associated with muscle hypertrophy, the scientific term for an increase in muscle size. The pump is caused by a number of factors:

(1) Blood: In between sets, blood rushes into your working muscles. If you don’t rest too long, the blood progressively accumulates, causing your muscles to expand.

(2) Plasma: Plasma makes up roughly 50% of blood volume. As you work out, plasma moves from blood vessels into the spaces between your muscle cells.

(3) Muscle cell: Working muscle cells accumulate water, causing them to expand.

In Search of thePost-Training Pump
How is the pump linked to muscle hypertrophy? Scientists don’t yet know. What we do know is that the bigger and longer-lasting your pumps, the bigger your muscles are likely to become, faster. This is why achieving a great post-training pump is so desirable. Besides, who doesn’t want their muscles to look big and vascular, hours after leaving the gym?

New ADENOFLEX Post-Trainer
Building on its success with NITRAFLEX® pre-trainer, GAT decided to conquer the post-training pump by developing new ADENOFLEX. Below, we examine this formula’s advantages.

ADENOFLEX Formula Advantages
• Heavily dosed concentrate: ADENOFLEX contains no “fluff”, only heavy doses of key actives.
• Triple-Action Formula: ADENOFLEX promotes post-training muscle pumps and lean mass gains by supporting expansion at three levels: blood, plasma and muscle cells.*
• Acute, Medium and Long-Term Benefits: ADENOFLEX provides users with benefits that are noticeable both acutely (i.e. after one use) and over the medium (1-4 weeks of use) and long term (4-8 weeks). You won’t get bored when using this formula.
• Agmatine: Anecdotally, agmatine is used by advanced bodybuilders and others to support overall muscle volume, or fullness.* Its effects are noticeable within 45 minutes of ingestion.* Animal studies suggest that it may also support healthy nerve function*.
• Blood-Building (Hematogenic) Effects: In a clinical study, subjects taking 600 mg of n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) twice daily (i.e. 1200 mg total) for 8 days increased their levels of the powerful blood-building hormone erythropoietin (EPO) by an average of 26%. Hemoglobin, hematocrit and red blood cell size also increased. This study forms the basis for the recommendation that users load with ADENOFLEX by taking 1 serving twice daily (supplying 1200 mg NAC) and 1 serving daily thereafter.

• Nutrient-Partitioning Effects: Stimulating the uptake of nutrients by your muscle cells (i.e. nutrient partitioning) promotes muscle cell expansion. In turn, this supports post-training pumps and recovery. ADENOFLEX contains Chromium 454®, a unique “food form” of a trivalent chromium shown in vitro to stimulate glucose uptake into human muscle cells up to 3-fold, outperforming other forms of chromium.* Glucose is the building block of muscle glycogen. After your workouts, re-synthesis of muscle glycogen contributes to the post-training pump and is necessary for recovery. ADENOFLEX also contains the nutrient partitioners ursolic acid and betaine. University of Iowa researchers have determined that ursolic acid can partially protect animals from obesity.* Their research also indicates that it increases muscle mass and thermogenic brown fat, both of which support greater fat burning.*

• Plasma-Building Effects: ADENOFLEX contains more than 100% of the dose of creatine monohydrate shown to increase plasma volume by an average of 14% after 28 days. Representing approximately 50% of blood volume, plasma plays an important role in supporting your post-training pumps.


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