To be precise the performance enhancement is done by branched out amino acids; such amino acids are not created naturally in human body and has to be provided through nutrition or supplement, whey protein is a good source of branched out amino acids.

Protein and Supplement-When Do You Need?

The best performance enhancer and muscle builder is the protein in your diet. It is natural. Chances of any adversity is very low and is sufficient for human requirements, if we consider American or European diet. By rough estimate a human being who exercises moderately needs 1g of protein for 1kg of body weight, every day. A sportsman undergoing strenuous exercises or resistance training will need an estimated higher quantity of 1.5g per kg. Sometimes metabolism factors or food quality or improper schedule of meals affects natural supply of protein to the body, the supplements can fill up this void.

Does The Protein Limit Counts Even For Supplements?

Yes, it does. The excess protein above the mentioned limit is wasted. Though for each body the required quantity may be slightly different the gross limits are in the above mentioned region of 1g-1.5g per kg body weight. The body excretes anything more than this. There is also a reason for worry. With excess protein the kidneys also get strained with excess nitrogen. Prolong exposure to excess nitrogen can damage the kidneys permanently. So it is better to maintain the combined protein intake below 1.5g level. Reduce protein in your diet if you are taking protein supplements.

Effects and Benefits of Whey supplement

Whey is a protein supplement produced from milk. Scientific studies till date has not put anything adverse against it. Rather there may be differences among experts in the level of performance enhancement this supplement powder gives, the conclusion is performance is enhanced with whey powder. Presence of nitrogen balance in the body helps the body to synthesis protein before protein breakdown. So that the body does not have to use reserve stock. In case of high intensity training this balance tends to get disrupted. So intake of protein shake or supplement after training helps the body to return to its earlier condition. This protects lean body mass. Oral consumption of the supplement has faster effect. The main architects of preservation of lean body mass are the branched out amino acids.

So What Does It Do In Reality?

In short whey protein protects your muscle and prevents damages caused to muscles from high intensity trainings. At the same time, it provides the muscles enough support to sustain the strains and grow through them. As an overall support for strenuous work outs whey protein is considered the best supplement where interests of muscles are considered. Other supplements may have some peripheral benefits above whey protein but where health is considered whey is the best protein. Yes, when your muscles grow, naturally your performance will definitely have a telling effect.


There are some serious concerns. Check the labels thoroughly before you buy any supplement. Some manufacturers have habit of adding their own supplements and you never know what they are. So any label that says manufacturer specialty avoid them if the specialty is not spelt clearly. They are not what you are purchasing.

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