If you are a working adult, what is your working out time? At morning before work or at evening after work? It is unlikely to manage enough time between work to work out at lunch break. So, what should be your diet and your supplements before work out?


Is empty stomach a good nutrition supplement?

 There are a few theories that suggest to work on empty stomach but imagine a machine working on no fuel. What is logical? The body muscles will have to contribute the energy. That means all that muscles you built will start to go. Avoid doing that. Working while fasting is only recommended for those people who are in serious need of reducing weight. That too in very short time. Otherwise it is better to have your meal and your supplements at scheduled times. They help.


When is the scheduled time for diet and supplements?

 A wholesome meal is recommended before work out. There should be a minimum gap of two hours between work out time and when you ate. That helps to digest all the ingredients.

Diet should be a mix of the natural building blocks. Carbs, citric fruit or energy supplementing fruit and protein. It is better if these proteins are taken in moderation and their digestion is complete when you start work out. So, you should check slow digesting carbs like brown rice, oatmeal or whole wheat pasta, that can even sustain the work out period. A moderate portion of easily digestible protein, mainly chicken, lightly done. Apple and banana are two fruits that give you fast energy and you can top it with any of the citrus fruits. Remember you complete all these at least two hours before your planned work out time. This is a commandment. You don’t take anything after, that can get you stomach cramps.


Less than half an hour before work out time, that is the supplement time. A supplement that should give you enough support physically to go through the grinding session of working out. Fast digested, quick supply of amino acids is the requirement. Whey protein is ideal to satisfy these conditions. You get fast short term muscle energy, a feel good mentality from the added strength in your body and you can keep working out. One thing is though important. Remember to use as much natural things in the supplement as possible.


Can carbs be good pre work out nutrition supplements also?

 This is tricky. Carbs don’t build muscles. That is done by proteins. But they are the fuel for the work out to build your muscles. So, you need carbs. Urgently. Short time before your work out. To be specific, within half an hour. Or remember the slow digesting carbs in your meal we talked before? Even they, taken in a more that average quantity will do the trick. If not you can reduce the earlier portion and take a small portion thirty minutes before work out time. Remember to choose the slow digesting carbs only.

 Or a regular carb supplement without cosmetics will do the trick. Add some yoghurt. They are very good with the added supplement of calcium.


What more you will need to supplement nutrition?

 Caffeine. That is a very important stimulant to your senses and keeps you more alert to the surroundings and work out processes you use.


What should you avoid?

 Fat. In any form. They are bad for your work outs. Period.


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